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About Mave

Dedicated Excellence
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Welcome to Mave Publishing, your premier destination for exceptional literary works and publishing services. We are a renowned publishing company dedicated to providing a platform for talented authors and their captivating works.

With a passion for literature and a commitment to quality, we offer a wide range of publishing services tailored to meet the unique needs of both aspiring and established authors. Our experienced team of professionals works closely with authors at every step of the publishing journey, ensuring their vision is realized and their work reaches its full potential.

What We Believe

More than just Books.

At Mave Publishing, we take pride in our diverse portfolio of genres, encompassing fiction, non-fiction, memoirs, poetry, and more. We believe in the power of storytelling and its ability to connect people, inspire, and entertain. Whether it’s a thrilling novel, a thought-provoking essay, or a heartwarming children’s book, we strive to bring captivating stories to life and share them with the world.

Publishing with us means gaining access to a wide range of resources and expertise. From manuscript editing and design to cover art creation and distribution, we provide comprehensive publishing solutions that ensure a professional and polished final product. Our team of talented editors, designers, and marketers are dedicated to delivering excellence in every aspect of the publishing process.

Message from Founder

Presenting your thoughts to the world.

Within the corridors of Mave Publishing, we intimately understand the author’s journey. I recall my own crossroads, torn between traditional confines and unbridled expression. It was a mentor’s insight that forged the path I stand upon today – a path that respects the melody of each author’s voice.

Yet, our mission surpasses ink and paper. I’m reminded of a poignant tale, a writer’s whisper that resonated deeply. This narrative, like others, bore the potential to transform lives, mine included. It reaffirmed the immense power within a book’s embrace.

Our endeavor spans borders, uniting readers and storytellers in shared experience. Through ceaseless dedication and a global network, we strive to illuminate narratives that transcend boundaries.

For those yearning to pen their dreams and those seeking captivating tales, Mave Publishing is your companion. Together, let’s embark on this odyssey where stories pulse, feelings ignite, and literature casts its spell.

Charles Efiong

CEO, Mave Publishing